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What happens when you drop a 3.5kg wrench from 60 metres?

Julian Aris

August 17, 2016

At Never Let Go, we take objects at height seriously. In the past, aerial tool and equipment hazard planning has been an afterthought – or not even a thought.

Today, regulators, professionals and progressive contractors acknowledge the serious, life-threatening risks of falling objects and are taking measures to prevent them.


Safety of tools and equipment when working at height involves the organisation and securing of these objects, whether in use or not. Helmets and safety footwear can help reduce injuries, but in the hierarchy of controls, you should work to eliminate the hazard altogether.

That’s where NLG come in.

We have developed a comprehensive range of tool tethering that will allow you to tether any tool in 3 simple steps. That’s not all – we can build a bespoke package for your worksite, draft implementation documents and provide training for your whole team.

We are here to help you create your Drop Free Workplace.
Download the New Dropped Object Handbook

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