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P&O’s flagship Britannia tethers up

Craig Aris

June 6, 2016

The Britannia, P&O’s new flagship, is the first of the P&O fleet to endorse NLG’s tool tethering system for their window cleaning equipment.

For the window cleaning team on the Britannia dropping tools from height had big implications. If they were working on exterior windows and dropped their tools, they would lose them to the sea – the downtime getting replacement tools to be able to finish the job, and the cost implications of buying new tools were considerable. When working on interior windows dropped tools risked injuring one of their passengers or colleagues, the implications in terms of litigation and potential negative press were huge. They couldn’t afford not to tether their tools.

The team here at NLG were able to advise them as to which options were best suited and successfully implement a tethering system for them. P&O are now proving that it pays to ‘Never Let Go’.

Here are some interesting facts about the Britannia:

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