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A double hammock 150m up! Prepare to be blown away.

Craig Aris

April 27, 2017

Another Untethered video from NLG. This time we visit a slackline-suspended hammock hung above the ‘Fruit Bowls’, near Moab, Utah.

It wasn’t easy to build the Spacenet – in fact, it took 80 volunteer riggers two full days to pull the 7,000m (21,000ft) of parachute cord, rope and webbing together over the canyon.

The two Spacenets are strung together with a ‘dynamic highline’, something rarely seen, even in the world of slacklining. It’s a slackline with two moving anchors, which makes it even more challenging, as the movement of the line beneath your feet becomes even less predictable.

Once it was up, the fun was on.

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