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Ascent Bucket™ Lid

Product code: 101412


The Ascent Bucket™ Lid is a sensible addition to the Ascent Bucket™, preventing water or fine debris coming in and an extra safety device to stop the contents coming out.

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The Ascent Bucket™ Lid is designed to be used in conjunction with the NLG Ascent Bucket™. The lid is constructed from a heavy duty PVC making it very hard wearing even in harsh environments.

The lid’s primary function is to prevent rain from entering the bucket and keep the contents dry when exposed to extreme weather. It also provides a secondary line of protection and helps to prevent the accidental spilling of tools and equipment during transport at height.


– Works with NLG Ascent Bucket™ to prevent water ingress in extreme weather
– Features sturdy adjustable Quick Connect™ buckles for faster fitting
– Constructed from heavy duty PVC which is both UV stabilised and mildew resistant
– Structurally engineered to withstand dynamic impact forces
– Easy wipe clean coating makes light work of maintenance
– Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking
– CE marked
– Dimensions: 32cm (Diameter) x 9cm (H)