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Max Load 3 KG / 6.6 LBS


The NLG Angle Grinder Bracket attaches to the angle grinder by the axle, creating a safe and secure tether point on the tool. Max. Load 3KG / 6.6LBS


  • The NLG Angle Grinder Bracket, is a laser-cut, precision bent piece of designed stainless steel.
  • The product creates a secure tether point on an angle grinder by connecting to the axle.
  • Features a unique branded graphic.
  • Uniquely serial numbered
  • CE Marked
  • Connected to NLG iD
  • Maximum Load: 3kg (6.6lbs)
  • Product weight: 90g
  • Product Dimensions: (H) 6cm, (W) 3cm, (D) 3cm